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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Saya Afroboliviana Mauchi

Saya Afroboliviana Mauchi

The Organization of Afro-descendants "Mauchi" in Cochabamba (Bolivia) is a social movement that brings together immigrants from the yungas (warm valleys) situated to the north and east of Cochabamba and La Paz. One of their main activities is the recovery and diffusion of Afro-Bolivian artistic expressions such as singing and dancing.

The organization’s dance and music group, named "Saya Afroboliviana Mauchi" or "Los Mauchi", gained certain notoriety after taking part in the International Andean Carnival "Con la fuerza del sol" celebrated in Arica (Chile) in February 2012. Like other singing and dancing Afro-Bolivian ensembles, the "Mauchi" (term used to designate an Afro-Bolivian funeral rhythm) perform traditional coplas by collectively improvising the lyrics. Their work has not been released on any studio album yet, but there are many video recordings of their performances on the Internet showing the freshness and uniqueness of the authentic saya.

Video 01. In Arica Carnival 2012 01.
Video 02. In Arica Carnival 2012 02.
Video 03. In Arica Carnival 2012 03.
Video 04. In Arica Carnival 2012 04.
Video 05. In Arica Carnival 2012 05.

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