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    Land of winds > Traditions > Clothing | Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 2012)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

The saya attire

The saya attire

What characterizes the costumes worn by the dancers and musicians of Afro-Bolivian saya groups is their pristine white colour, a feature that is shared by other Afro-American attires (e.g. those used in umbanda rituals celebrated in Bahía, Brasil).

Women dress in loose-fitting skirts (polleras) and blouses embroidered with colourful lace. They wear the typical Andean sandals (ojotas or ushutas), a light blue blanket on one of their arms and a bowler hat, similar to the one used by Aymara women, in their hand.

For their part, men dress in white shirts with colourful embroidery designs and white pants. They wear sandals and a neckerchief and a wide belt which are usually red.

Picture 01. Saya men.
Picture 02. Saya women 01.
Picture 03. Saya women 02.
Picture 04. Everyday attire 01.
Picture 05. Everyday attire 02.
Picture 06. Everyday attire 03.

Picture A.

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