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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Conjunto de Zampoñas "Josafat Roel Pineda" de Lima

Conjunto de Zampoñas Josafat Roel Pineda de Lima

The Conjunto de Zampoñas "Josafat Roel Pineda" appeared in July 1989 at today's called Institución Educativa 3037 "Gran Amauta" of the district San Martín de Porres (Lima, Peru) by the hand of professor José Vergara Loayza. Its name honors the Peruvian ethnomusicologist and anthropologist that was one of the discoverers of the myth of Inkarri and, together with José María Arguedas, the one who identified the "danza de las tijeras" ("scissors dance").

Well known among the "metropolitan" (urban) sikuri bands in Lima, the CZJRP's musical career has been recognized with several awards. Wearing their characteristic blue ponchos (outer garment) with white and red stripes, they perform the so called "Ilave style" (originated from the village of the same name located in the department of Puno, southern Peru), with some minor adaptations similar to the arrangements made by most of the urban groups. As many other similar groups in South America, they rehearse in a public space, the Juan Pablo Vizcardo y Guzmán Park (Plaza de Armas Square in the district S.M. de Porres), and take part in different festivals and community events connected to the sikuri culture (e.g the Chakana or Cross Festival, on the third of May). They haven’t released any studio album so far, but there are a number of live performances online (of variable quality).

Sitio web oficial.
Article. "Conjunto de Zampoñas Josafat Roel Pineda", by Pablo Villón de la Barra. In Periodista Principiante [es].

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