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    Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 13 (Jan.-Feb.2013)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Introduction to the sikuris music

Fuerza sikuri
"Fuerza sikuri" is the webpage of a band first appeared in Berlin (Germany) in 1998. Retaining the essence of the sikuri, they set their performances as community cultural events far from commercial and media distribution channels. This website provides general information on the sikuri, its history and performance, as well as picture galleries and useful lists of resources.

Mujer sikuri
Women presence in traditional sikuri groups has been little more than tokenistic, and largely rejected by the so-called purists. However, such gender barriers are already falling within urban ensembles, where women play flutes in equal conditions to their male peers. "Mujer sikuri" is the blog of the sikuri Juliana Lumaldo Rumi. It includes accounts of experiences and activities involving women ensembles only, especially from the surroundings of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Sikuris por siempre
A site created by the experienced Peruvian sikuri David Acevedo Raymundo, which aims to spread the latest works in the field of sikuris, as well as the knowledge he has acquired along his long career as musician. It contains very interesting and recommended approaches to the learning / teaching process of playing the siku, including useful information and educational resources for both newcomers and long time siku players.

Sikuri Marka
On a blog format, "Sikuri Marka" (in Aymara, "village of sikuris") not only shares news and information on the sikuri world, but also provides a great song playlist featuring today's most famous groups in the genre. Although the site can turn out a bit exasperating to visit for the many multimedia elements within it (which lengthen the upload time), the visit is worth the effort.

Lakitas de Tarapacá
"Lakitas de Tarapacá: de las quebradas a la ciudad" is a cultural recovery project led by the Education Research Centre Huara Huara that belongs to the Regional Government of Tarapacá (I Region, Big North of Chile), which is devoted to academically documenting the sikuri tradition (known as "lakitas" in Chile) in this particular region. Although still at a developmental stage, this is a solid proposal with a lot of valuable educational materials on line.

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