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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Sikuri nº 1

(Traditional from Puno. Compiled by Theodoro Valcárcel Caballero)

Sikuri nº1

This is one of the many melodies for sikuri bands that have been compiled since the beginning of the last century in the region of Puno (southern Peru), which was spread by composer Theodoro Valcárcel Caballero. Many of these songs were arranged for "estudiantinas" (large groups of strings), and popularized by the hand of these ensembles since 1960.

Regarding the "Sikuri nº 1", it is believed to be a rural song that, after being arranged, was somehow "crossbred" or "urbanized". It is usually referred to as the "Bajada del arco" (literally, "Descending from the [Deustua] arch"), though the old sikuris from Puno assure that this name belongs to a different song, while today's "Sikuri nº 1" would refer to the old "Choclo de oro" [literally, "Golden corncob"]. Some groups, utterly misinformed, recorded it under the title of "La Candelaria", a generic name that can be found in a lot of studio albums of Andean music.

Video 01. "Sikuri nº 1", by Centro Musical Teodoro Valcárcel.
Video 02. "Sikuri nº 1", by Centro Cultural Thunupa.
Video 03. "Sikuri nº 1", by Los Jaukas.

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