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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza
Didáctica de la quena peruana

Alejandro Vivanco Guerra
Didáctica de la quena peruana
(Lima: Lima S.A., 1974)
Illustr. – 83 pp.

Alejandro Vivanco (1910-1991) was a Peruvian researcher and musician native to Huamanga (department of Ayacucho). Besides being an excellent quena player (known as "the indian sound of Peru" for his distinctive way of playing this aerophone), as part of his ethnographic research he collected local music from various villages in Peru's remote Andean mountains, a field work study that has only recently been recognized .

In the '70s Vivanco devoted himself to teaching how to play the quena. Among other things, he developed the "tonal system", which refers to producing all the tones and semi-tones of the scale from a single instrument based on different fingering positions. Vivanco created a quena playing teaching-learning method consisting of reading music, written down in the book "Didáctica de la quena peruana" (literally, "Peruvian quena didactics"). Subtitled "Método completo de aprendizaje por música" (literally, "A complete learning method by [reading] music"), the book remains one of the most solid and important works focussing on the performance of this Andean aerophone.

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