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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Micaela Chauque and Mariana Cayón

Micaela Chauque

Born in 1979 in the small town of Iruya (Salta, north-western Argentina), Micaela Chauque is an Argentine musician, composer, quena and panpipe player and coplera ("copla" singer), belonging to the indigenous Kolla community. She settled down in Tilcara (Jujuy, north-western Argentina), and devoted herself to recovering, reactivating and spreading musical traditions from north-western Argentina. She has taken part in many cultural events and music festivals, and is regarded as the Argentine Andean aerophones player who sticks most to the traditional musical practices.

Micaela Chauque, in Wikipedia [es].

Video 01. "Romance de viento y quena", by Micaela Chauque.
Video 02. "Zamba del Lozano", by Micaela Chauque.
Video 03. "El cóndor pasa", by Micaela Chauque.
Video 04. Micaela Chauque and her quenas.

Mariana Cayón

For her part, Mariana Cayón was born in 1979 in Cafayate (Salta). She is a skilful player on wind instruments (especially quenas and panpipes), who has toured through Spain and Latin America. She has appeared at the Cosquín Folk Festival, in Argentina, and been awarded several accolades. To date, her discography includes the following albums: "Amalgama" (1999), "Clásicos populares" (2004), "Armando fiesta" (2006), "Simplemente" (2010), "Quena corazón" (2011) and "Tawa" (2012).

Mariana Cayon's official website.

Video 05. Mariana Cayón at the Jesús María National and International Break in and Folk music Festival 2011.
Video 06. Mariana Cayón at the Cosquín Folk Festival 2008.
Video 07. Mariana Cayón at the Cosquín Folk Festival 2012.
Video 08. Mariana Cayón at the Cosquín Folk Festival 2013.

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