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    Land of winds > Music > Song | Issue 14 (Mar.-Apr.2013)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Quena solo from Apurímac

(Traditional from Apurímac. Collected by David Lewiston)

Quena solo from Apurímac

This "quena solo" was collected in 1968 in Peru by David Lewiston, a London-born collector of the world's traditional music. It was heard being played by a blind beggar and was included on the album "Kingdom of the Sun: Peru's Inca Heritage" (Nonesuch, 1969). The booklet that accompanies the album details how this album was recorded and provides lots of information on each track with the exception of this one.

In 1976, this piece of music was popularized by the Chilean group Inti-Illimani after being included on the album "Canto de Pueblos Andinos vol. II" (also known as "Inti-Illimani 5").

Video 01. "Solo de quena", by Inti-Illimani.

Audio. "Kingdom of the Sun: Peru's Inca Heritage", recordings by David Lewiston (listen to sample on track 8)..

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