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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

The charango: its music and its performers

For space reasons, here follow the latest albums by some of the best known charango players, while artists such as Jorge Imaña, Percy Rojas Villadeza or Edith Ramos Guerra have been left out.

Freddy Torrealba - Charango al sur del charango | Daiji Fukuda - Charango peregrino | Juan Carlos Cadena y Makiruwa - Enlace

Freddy Torrealba - Charango al sur del charango


Freddy Torrealba
Charango al sur del charango

1. Puelche – 2. La partida – 3. Camino a Potosí – 4. Milonga de mis amores – 5. Claudia – 6. La marusa – 7. Invención 8 – 8. Samba en una nota – 9. El chasqui – 10. Fragmento de "La flauta mágica" – 11. Tilo, mi gato – 12. Invención 4 – 13. Golpear de bombo / Chacarera del tiempo – 14. Alaracos – 15. Taquito militar – 16. Zumba que zumba / Quisiera ser tu sombra – 17. Charango al sur del charango

Born in Santiago de Chile in 1966, Torrealba begun his career as a charanguista in the early 1980s. The singer song-writer Nancy Torrealba's younger brother, he was part of the Trío Kamarundi (which joined the singer song-writer Manuel Escobar on-stage during some of his tours) and participated in several musical projects. In addition he has a prolific career as solo artist.

"Charango al sur del charango" is a powerful album with exceedingly fast picking and strumming ("Puelche", "Camino a Potosí", "Milonga de mis amores", "Taquito militar"), tracks where the charango tangles with itself ("La marusa") and others where the charango exploits its colouristic and expressive way alongside other instruments ("El chasqui", "Tilo, mi gato"). The entire album showcases Torrealba's performing skills and will make the delight of those who enjoy this dizzying style.

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Daiji Fukuda - Charango peregrino


Daiji Fukuda
Charango peregrino

1. Camino a Chuquisaca – 2. Cascada – 3. La Paz inolvidable – 4. Inti yacu – 5. Gentil gaviota – 6. Kaluyo del comandante – 7. El arriero – 8. Fragancias para ti – 9. Cueca del Orión – 10. Chacarera del tiempo – 11. Un día de noviembre – 12. Pajarillos del amanecer – 13. Recuerdos de Pucarani

Daiji Fukuda was born in Kyoto (Japan, 1966). He began to play the guitar at the age of eleven. Although he first approached to the charango in his country, he later moved to Bolivia where he lived from 1994 to 2004. There we was part of the group Andesol and studied with the maestros Ernesto Cavour and William E. Centellas. Fukuda also took classes with Argentinean Jaime Torres and Peruvian Jaime Guardia. Besides his musical career as a charango concert performer, he has collaborated with different artists and groups such as Música de Maestros, Jaime Junaro, etc.

"Charango peregrino" is his second album. His style displays the influences of his celebrated mentors and this work is a fine example of them. The songs follow one another without ups and downs in an album easy to listen to.

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Juan Carlos Cadena y Makiruwa - Enlace


Juan Carlos Cadena y Makiruwa

1. Pasto ancestral – 2. Vuelo libre – 3. Fuerza interior – 4. Runas – 5. Enlace – 6. Curación – 7. Line danza – 8. A la bambarabanda – 9. La canción del luthier

Juan Carlos Cadena Silva (Pasto, Colombia) is a charango teacher and player who has played in different bands over the years (Ramis, Hatun Llacta, Dama-wha, Llama Brava, Quinto Elemento, Cantos Juglares, Kantus) and was involved in the musical project Makiruwa.

With the latter he released "Enlace", an album where his playing leans more towards emotion and less towards virtuosism. This is a calm and introspective work with beautiful compositions ("Pasto ancestral" or "Vuelo libre") and catchy and lively tracks ("Fuerza interior", "A la bambarabanda").

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