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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza
La escuela moderna del charango

Federico Tarazona
La escuela moderna del charango
(Lima: Abril Ediciones Musicales, 2004)
Illustr. – 115 pp.

Federico Tarazona (Ancash, Peru, 1972) is a skilful and dedicated musician with a special focus on charango performing, teaching, composing and spreading its musical repertoire. Through the pages of this method, Tarazona tackles the teaching of this chordophone from an academic point of view, using musical notation (instead of tablatures) in every lesson and adopting a structure similar to that of the classic guitar teaching manuals. Lessons range from basic skills such as the correct playing position, the motion of fingers/hands/arms and the knowledge of simple scales on one string, to more advanced topics such as playing different chords and accompaniment strums. The book also provides an introduction to the history of the charango, besides a description of the main traditional variants of the instrument existing in Peru.

Other well-known charango learning methods include Ernesto Cavour's "El ABC del charango", Alejandro Cámara's "Método audiovisual de charango", Rolando Goldman's "Método de charango", Daniel Navarro and Patricio Sullivan's "Los secretos del charango", Italo Pedrotti and Horacio Durán's "Método de charango", and Celestino Campos' "El charango: Su teoría y práctica musical".

This brief review would not be completed without mentioning another book, which, though not being a method in any prescriptive sense, continues to be an essential reading to understand the instrument: "El Charango", by Ernesto Cavour, which can be accessed online.

Article. "La escuela moderna del charango", by Federico Tarazona [es].
Book. "La escuela moderna del charango", by Federico Tarazona [es].
Book. "ABC del charango", by Ernesto Cavour [es].
Article. "Método de charango de Alejandro Cámara" [es].
Article. "Método de charango", by Rolando Goldman [es].
Article. "Los secretos del charango", by Daniel Navarro and Patricio Sullivan [es].
Book. "El charango", by Ernesto Cavour Aramayo [es].

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