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    Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 15 (Jul.-Aug.2013)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

The charango: its music and its performers

Portal del charango peruano
This website aims to recover, supply documentary evidence and spread the many Peruvian variants of charango and its traditional musical repertoire, as well as the work of luthiers, performers, composers and researchers on the instrument. This site has an interesting section on scores and sound files (with an emphasis on Peruvian materials), articles, interviews, professional profiles, news and reviews of events, books and albums. There is also a photographic album filled with images of the different forms that the instrument exhibits across the Peruvian Central Sierra.

Sociedad boliviana del charango
Appeared in 1973, the SBC (Bolivian Society of the Charango) attempts to "promote the study, knowledge and spread of the charango" present in the current territory of Bolivia. Being the website of an association, a substantial part of its content is for members, but it also provides a section devoted to "Books and methods" (including Ernesto Cavour's "El charango"), a historical record of Bolivian charango players and musical instrument builders, and a directory of charango teaching institutes and selling points.

Asociación internacional del charango
Launched in 2003 as a Yahoo Group, the International Association "Charangos del mundo" or AIC has become a cultural association. This official website houses useful resources ranging from learning how to tune the instrument and chores tables to scores, links and collections of photographs and multimedia files. This site has been developed by and for charango players and aims at sharing useful knowledge.

Charango argentino
This is an interactive digital site (whose navigation is a bit cumbersome and with limited information so far) which brings together charango teachers and performers from Argentina around a common project, in an attempt to follow the instrument’s history in the country, to approach its present reality, to coordinate activities and to suggest ideas for future research and practice.

Charango para todos
Personal website of the Chilean charango player Héctor Soto, which besides his own musical work, also showcases the charango's reality in Chile, and provides access to a number of information resources. The site includes a forum, useful links, scores and multimedia files.

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