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William Ernesto Centellas Molina

William Ernesto Centellas Molina

Born in March 1950 in Sucre (Bolivia), William Centellas was one of the most renowned charango players in Bolivia's musical scene. This architecture graduated from the University of San Andrés (La Paz) started his musical career in 1963 taking part in the Bolivian Song Festival.

In 1972 Centellas launched the first volume of "Alto folclor en charango", followed by a second volume one year later. The album "William Ernesto Centellas" was released in 1980, and during the next two decades he went on to record "Sonata..." (1986), "La fiesta del charango" (1991), "Concierto andino" (1991/1992), "De colección" (1994), "Un día sí, un día no" (1995), "Ven a mí" (2001, re-edition of his first work) and "Scweizer Konzerte / Conciertos suizos" (2001, live with Paul López).

Centellas composed over two hundred tunes, of which he recorded some fifty. He gave concerts both in the country and abroad (Latin America, Europe and Japan) and was one of the founders and the first president of the Sociedad Boliviana del Charango. He became a skilful player and the range of sounds he was able to extract from the charango was a pleasure to hear, whether simple and sweet or elaborate and full of details.

Suffering from brain edema, he stopped working in 2003 and died six years later in La Paz.

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Video 01. "Ausencia", by William E. Centellas.
Video 02. "Niña Rosa", by William E. Centellas.
Video 03. "Fiesta del charango", by William E. Centellas.
Video 04. "Ilusión", by William E. Centellas.

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