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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Costumes wore by women in Ayacucho

Costumes wore by women in Ayacucho

The Ayacucho's Carnival takes place in February in the department of Ayacucho (Peru) amidst the music of mandolines, charangos, pinkillos and tinyas accompanying dances and talc games. This is one of the most splendid celebrations held in Central Andes and women pride themselves in their grace, elegance and modesty reflected in their costumes.

Undergarments worn by women include traditional long leg knickers and a full slip that extends down to just above the knees. Both items are white, made of cotton or satin and have floral lace at the hem. In addition they wear one or more underskirts to make the skirt hang properly.

Their chests are covered with a white, long-sleeve, square neckline blouse made of silk or satin and adorned with lace and ribbons; and their legs, with a white, knee/ankle-long, wide swing, satin or velvet skirt.

Women complete their outfit with a beautiful woven sheep/alpaca wool striped blanket or lliqlla, which can be thrown over the shoulders like a cape or wound around the torso; a white or very light beige straw hat, adorned with a black silk ribbon; a bright sash around the waist and patent-leather heeled shoes.

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