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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza



The jiyawa, hiyawa or jiyaway (a term of allegedly Quechua origin) refers to both a dance and a musical genre typical from northern Potosí department and south-western Oruro department (especially the province of E. Abaroa), in the Quechua-speaking region of Bolivia. Alongside the qunquteadas (songs played on the khonkhotas) the jiyawa is regarded as a "dry season ritual song", widely spread in certain areas. The music is performed on both small charangos "diablos" and khonhotas, and the singing is usually carried out by high female voices, which sung lyrics in Quechua showing the typical modulations used in northern Potosí.

Video 01. "Jiyawa", by Mary Laura las Maribellas.
Video 02. "Potosí puntapi", by Los del Pilcomayo.
Video 03. "Jiyawa", by Florita Vásquez.
Video 04. "Aymaya fiestapi", by Chinchillas del Norte Potosí.
Video 05. "Cala caleñita", by Miguelina Mendoza y Filiberto Herrera.
Video 06. "Jiyawa", by Teodora Flores.
Video 07. "Q'omer pampita", by Los del Pilcomayo.
Video 08. "Maypi kacianki", by Los Cristales.

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