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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho


Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho

This is how one of Peru's most famous huaynos starts: "Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho / tierra donde yo he nacido" ["Good bye, village of Ayacucho / the land where I was born"]. It has been recorded by many Andean folk artists and lots of performers throughout Latin American.

As it happens with a good number of traditional songs, the lyrics change from version to version, though most of them finish each verse with the expression "perlaschallay" (which has also been use as its title on several occasions). Credit for its authorship has been traced to the harpist from Ayacucho Estanislao "Tani" Medina, for his is one of the earliest recordings dating back to 1924. However, Medina himself said that he was a child when he first heard this song at the beginning of the 20th century. Some theories point out that it would have been composed at the beginning of the Republican period towards the mid-19th century.

Although the song has been performed in various styles by singers, soloist musicians and bands, its melody is delightful arranged either as a harp or a guitar solo, and probably the best example of the latter is "Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho".

Article. "Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho", by Manuel Acosta Ojeda [es].

Video 01. "Huérfano pajarillo – Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho", by Manuelcha Prado.
Video 02. "Adiós pueblo de Ayacucho", first recording, by Estanislao Medina.
Video 03. "Adiós pueblo de Ayacucho", by Raúl García Zárate.

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