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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Hágame un tiple, maestro

(Evelio Moncada and Bernardo Gutiérrez. In "Colombia es pasión - 100 joyas de nuestra música por nuestros grandes intérpretes". Jorge Zapata y su conjunto, 2007)

Hágame un tiple, maestro

This is a traditional bambuco from the department of Quindío (Colombian Andes), with music by composer Evelio Moncada and lyrics by poet Bernardo Gutiérrez.

Hágame un tiple maestro.
pero hágame un tiple bueno,
que toque y toque bambucos,
y cante bambucos viejos,
iguales a los que llevo
como un tesoro en secreto,
todos escritos con llanto
en el papel del recuerdo.

[Make me a tiple master.
but make me a good tiple,
which plays and plays bambucos,
and sings old bambucos,
like the ones I carry
as a secret treasure,
all written with tears
on the memory paper.]

De cuando ella era muchacha,
y yo apenas un mozuelo,
con miedo de dar el paso,
por que no era hombre completo,
ya que en esos tiempos idos,
era tan difícil serlo,
payán de recia armadura,
y machos de pelo en pecho.

[About when she was a young woman,
and I was no more than a boy,
afraid of taking the step,
because I was not yet a true man,
since in those times gone by,
it was difficult to be a true man,
a knight in shining armor,
and hairy-chested men.]

A uno no le daban nada,
más que el nombre para hacerlo,
el carriel y la peinilla,
si servía como sangrero,
de lo contrario quedaba
igual que el bobo del pueblo.
y pa' enseñarlo a ser hombre,
lo echaban pa' los infiernos.

[Nobody gave you anything,
but the name to make it,
the bag and the small comb,
if you were to work as a muleteer's assistant,
otherwise you would remain
the village idiot,
and to make you a man,
[they] turned your life into a hell.]

This song from the 1950s describes with a melancholy fidelity some aspects of traditional life in the Andean region of Colombia, a few of which remain to this day. The carriel is a characteristic men fur bag used in the paisa region (department of Antioquia) since colonial times. Among the things they carried in this bag there was a small comb or peinilla. Finally, a sangrero was a muleteer's assistant, one of the paths to be trodden by those who wanted to carve out a future.

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