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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Javier Echecopar Mongilardi

Javier Echecopar Mongilardi

Javier Echecopar is a Peruvian researcher, guitarist, composer and teacher. He began his music studies at the age of 7, at the National Conservatory of Music of Peru, and later went on to study in Paris and London.

In Peru he has collected and recovered music for guitar from both the Baroque colonial period and the popular tradition. To date he has launched 14 albums with arrangements and compositions of his own. In addition he has published several score books (original and existing ones) and has taught in Latin America and Europe. Echecopar has been the founder and director of the School of Music at the Catholic University of Peru, and today serves as the cultural attaché of the embassy of Peru in Spain.

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Video 01. "Melodías virreinales del siglo XVIII", by Javier Echecopar.
Video 02. "Música negra peruana", by Javier Echecopar.
Video 03. ""Suite popular peruana", by Javier Echecopar.
Video 04. "Poemas ingenuos", by Javier Echecopar.
Video 05. "Kashua", by Javier Echecopar.
Video 06. "Wawapampay", by Javier Echecopar.
Video 07. "Danza de las tijeras", by Javier Echecopar.

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