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    Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 16 (Sep.-Oct.2013)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

The guitar, the guitarrón and the tiple

Afinaciones de la guitarra en el Perú
This pre-print, written by Luis Salazar Mejía in July 2004, was published in the website "El Rincón Musical Peruano" [literally, "The Peruvian Musical Corner"], which also includes other interesting features on the guitar such as scores and descriptions of the performing styles in different regions of Peru. The text deals with the various "temples" (tunings) used for the Andean soloist guitar in areas like Ancash, Huánuco, Cajatambo and Ayacucho.

La guitarra en el Perú
Octavio Santa Cruz' personal blog, who is the author of the book La guitarra en el Perú: bases para su historia. November 2011's posts are well worth reading from those with an interest in his career as guitarist.

"Corporación Encuentro Nacional del Tiple" is a non-profit organization whose efforts are aimed at restoring the role of the tiple within the Andean music of Colombia. In order to attain their goal, the organization annually celebrates an event in the town of Envigado (department of Antioquía), which brings together the best tiple players. This website includes a very interesting section on the history of the instrument, which spans from the colonial times to the mid-19th century.

Guitarrón chileno
This website is part of a project funded by Fondart (National Fund of Cultural Development and the Arts of Chile) under the title of "Rescate y preservación de los guitarrones chilenos originarios" (literally, "Recovery and preservation of the first Chilean guitarrones"). By collecting technical information and documenting the instrument traditional building experiences they are trying to recover the original sound and shape of the Chilean guitarrón.

Payadores chilenos
The Asociación Gremial Nacional de Poetas Populares y Payadores de Chile's (AGENPOCH) official page includes a well worth reading article on the Chilean guitarrón, which is the inseparable companion of the improvised poetry recited by the payador (a kind of wandering minstrel, a poet of the people). The "Documentos" section provides access along with the option of downloading interesting files (music, riddles, videos and poetry).

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