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Raúl García Zárate and Francisco Benavides Caro

Raúl García Zárate

A lawyer by profession and a self-taught guitarist, García Zárate was born in 1931 in Huamanga (department of Ayacucho, southern Peru). He began to play the guitar at the age of 8 and gave his first solo recital at the age of 12. He is an accomplished performer of different guitar styles from Peru (especially the one from Ayacucho or ayacuchano), who plays in all different Andean tunings. Besides, he has a deep knowledge of the musical tradition of his homeland and has become one of its best-known figures both in Peru and abroad.

Since 1966, and beginning with "Ayacucho", he has recorded some twenty solo albums, ten with the Dúo Hermanos García Zárate (alongside his brother Nery) and as many collections of his songs. He has given many recitals in Asia, Europe and America, and has been recognized with many (inter)national awards and nominations. Likewise, he has been recognized as "Patrimonio Cultural Vivo del Perú" by the National Institute of Culture of Peru (INC). Composer and teacher, besides performer, Raúl García Zárate has been a great ambassador of the Peruvian guitar around the world.

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Video 01. "Qori kinto", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 02. "Vírgenes del Sol", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 03. "Toril", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 04. "Espinas punzantes", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 05. "Helme", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 06. "Pukllay taki", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 07. "Arbolito de manzano", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 08. "Huérfano pajarillo", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 09. "Pariwana", by Raúl García Zárate.
Video 10. "Punchaunikipi", by Raúl García Zárate.

Francisco Pacho Benavides Caro

For his part, Francisco "Pacho" Benavides Caro was a tiple player and composer born in Vélez (department of Santander, Colombia) on the 20th of October, 1900. He was regarded as an innovator and a leading authority on the Colombian tiple as a soloist instrument (played with a plectrum and accompanied by the guitar). He released several albums including "Canta un tiple" and composed, among many others, the pasillos "Caricias" and "Plegaria", the bambucos "El republicano", "Brisas del Pamplonita", "Perla del valle" and "Tunja señorial", and the guabinas "Al socorro", and "Veleñita". Benavides Caro died in Bogotá in 1971.

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Video 11. "Brisas del Pamplonita", by "Pacho" Benavides.
Video 12. "Veleñita", by "Pacho" Benavides.
Video 13. "El republicano", by "Pacho" Benavides.
Video 14. "Caricias", by "Pacho" Benavides.

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