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Ricardo Villanueva

Ricardo Villanueva

Ricardo Villanueva Imafuku, Peruvian musician and researcher, is a young but highly promising guitarist, especially performing the traditional styles of the Peruvian Sierra. Of Japanese ancestry, Villanueva began studying guitar at the age of 16, both independently and under the guidance of a number of teachers including renowned Raúl García Zárate. He is a sociologist with a PhD in Anthropology by Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima), what allows him to carry out a more in-depth study into the musical repertoire and cultural contest chosen.

He has released three albums to date: "Canciones de agua, fuego, viento y tierra" (2007), a book-CD including themes collected by José María Arguedas; "Chayraq!" (2008), which explores different tunings for the Andean guitar; and the last one titled "Fiesta en los Andes" (2013), featuring traditional music arrangements and adaptations. Villanueva has appeared on international stages in Europe and America, both alone and with other big names in the popular music of Peru, and has founded the musicians group "Cuerdas al aires".

Official website [es].
Article. "La guitarra andina de Ricardo Villanueva", by Jhohana Pujay. In Discover Nikkei [es].

Video 01. "Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho", by Ricardo Villanueva.
Video 02. "Punchullay", by Ricardo Villanueva and Magali Revollar (low quality).
Video 03. "Helme", by Ricardo Villanueva.
Video 04. "Munaspaqa suyaykuway / Unchuchucucha", by Ricardo Villanueva.
Video 05. "Cardo o ceniza", by Ricardo Villanueva and Pamela Rodríguez.
Video 06. "Chayraq", by Ricardo Villanueva.
Video 07. "Río Santa", by Ricardo Villanueva.
Video 08. "Putkamayu", by Ricardo Villanueva and Magalí Revollar.
Video 09. "La despedida", by Ricardo Villanueva.

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