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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

The guitar, the guitarrón and the tiple

Due to the impossibility of access and/or lack of availability, this section does not include reviews of such interesting works as "Homo-viator", by the Colombian tiple player Fáber Grajales; "Pellares y coclíes", by the tiple player Gustavo Adolfo Renjifo; or "Guitarra cajamarquina (I) – De cashuas y carnavales", by the Peruvian guitarist Abel Velásquez Zavaleta, all of them released in 2013.

Ronald Contreras Zegarra - Guitarra andina - Instrumental | Abel Velásquez Zavaleta - Pajarillo cautivo | Riber Oré - La guitarra en el Perú

Ronald Contreras Zegarra - Guitarra andina - Instrumental


Ronald Contreras Zegarra
Guitarra andina - Instrumental

1. Torcaza – 2.Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho – 3. Sirvinakuy – 4. Arpaschallay – 5. Chinka chinka – 6. Vidallay vida – 7. Vírgenes del sol – 8. Huérfano pajarillo – 9. Galeras pampapi – 10. Reloj del camino – 11. Pututun, pututun – 12. Yaraví ayacuchano – 13. La tenderita – 14. Selección de carnavales

Contreras was born in Abancay (department of Apurímac, Peru) in 1980. When he first started playing the guitar he was a self-taught player, and later he took lessons with Pablo Ojeda Vizcarra in the city of Cusco.

"Guitarra andina" is his fourth album. It is all instrumental and includes mostly huaynos, but also a qachwa ("Sirvinakuy"), a harawi ("Chinka chinka"), a muliza ("Reloj del camino"), a santiago ("Pututun, pututun"), a yaraví, a marinera ("La tenderita"), an Inca fox (the famous "Vírgenes del Sol") and a selection of carnavales.

Contreras stays true to each region's traditional forms of playing, though over the years he has incorporated new elements to his personal style, which is expressive and delicate. Today he is considered one of the representatives of the "modern Andean guitar" in Peru, and usually collaborates artistically with his wife, the singer Julia Illanes.

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Abel Velásquez Zavaleta - Pajarillo cautivo


Abel Velásquez Zavaleta
Pajarillo cautivo

1. Loca juventud – 2. La pampa y la puna – 3. Vaso de cristal – 4. Pajarillo cautivo – 5. Una paloma sobre una rama – 6. Cerrito de Huajsapata – 7. Linda andahuaylina – 8. Wiñaytam kausanki José María – 9. Así baila mi trujillana – 10. La Pachilla

Abel Velásquez is from Cajamarca (department of the same name, northern Peru) and started playing the guitar at the age of 10. In his hometown he was involved in several music groups like Jillapa and Yumpay. He further developed his knowledge studying with Claudio Tello and Raúl García Zárate.

Besides knowing the most popular guitar styles of Peru (ayacuchano, ancashino, cusqueño, puneño...), Velásquez explores and integrates that of his homeland, Cajamarca. He has become part of a new generation of Peruvian "Andean" guitarists who merge tradition and academia. The album "Pajarillo cautivo", his first CD, features traditional themes from different parts of the country, as well as arrangements and compositions by García Zárate or Javier Molina.

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Riber Oré - La guitarra en el Perú


Riber Oré
La guitarra en el Perú

1. Los paisajes de un amauta – 2. Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho – 3. Toril – 4. El hombre / Flor de retama – 5. Machupicchu – 6. Chuscadas ancashinas – 7. Paisajes del centro – 8. Cánticos del arpa – 9. Carnaval del fuego – 10. De Chiclayo para el Perú

Riber Oré was born in Lima from Huantino parents (Huanta, department of Ayacucho, southern Peru). He began to study music as a child and improved his style with Carlos Hayre first and later on with Pepe Torres. He has given concerts in Latin America, Asia and the Polynesia, was a member of the group Canto Sur and from 2006 is one of the Goin' Native Records artists.

The album "La guitarra en el Perú" includes rhythms in the tradition of the Central Sierra of Peru. Oré combines his native land's guitar playing style with classical and flamenco guitar to achieve a well-balanced mix of influences and original creativity that is recognised everywhere he goes, and which can be appreciated on this album.

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