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Andrés Lares León

Andrés Lares León

Andrés Lares León is better known by his artistic name, "Chimango". He was born in 1957 in Cabana Sur (province of Lucanas, department of Ayacucho), and began his musical career early playing the harp to accompany the "Danza de las tijeras" ("Scissors dance"), huaylías, negritos and many other regional dances.

He is also notable for his longstanding collaboration with harpists Félix Quispe "Duco" and Gregorio Condori "Lapla" (both from Ayacucho) spreading the music that accompanies the "Danza de las tijeras". Throughout his career he has played with big names of the Peruvian folk music such as Manuelcha Prado and Martina Portocarrero. In addition, he has toured internationally and recorded several albums both as a solo player (in Ayacucho traditional music collections) and as ensemble player (to accompany the "Danza de las tijeras").

Video 01. "Danza de las tijeras" ("Scissors dance") in Washington DC, with Andrés Lares "Chimango".
Video 02. "Aguacerito cordillerano", by Félix Quispe and Andrés Lares "Chimango".
Video 03. "Llanto por llanto", by Félix Quispe and Andrés Lares "Chimango".
Video 04. "Agua del olvido", by Félix Quispe and Andrés Lares "Chimango".
Video 05. "Wakchaschay", by Félix Quispe and Andrés Lares "Chimango".
Video 06. "Carnavales Chuta Chutay", by Lapla de Huaycahuacho and Andrés Lares "Chimango".
Video 07. "Negritos de Cabana Sur", by Andrés Lares "Chimango".
Video 08. An interview to Andrés Lares "Chimango" [es].

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