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Máximo Damián Huamaní

Máximo Damián Huamaní

Máximo Damián is a violinist born in San Diego de Ishua (province of Lucanas, department of Ayacucho, Peru) in 1936. The son of a Quechua-speaking peasant family, he learnt to play the violin under the guidance of his father, a great traditional musician.

He moved to Lima In 1950. On the weekends he used to play for the immigrants of the Sierra who had settled down in the city. Being there he met the writer and ethnologist José María Arguedas, with whom he would maintain a solid friendship that would shape Damian's career and future. Together they helped to make widely known the "Danza de las tijeras" ("Scissors dance"). And the violinist would play "Agonía" at the writer's funeral, after he has committed suicide in 1969.

While they were working together, Damián began to tour (inter)nationally and has continued giving concerts at home and abroad ever since. He has also worked as a teacher and has been awarded on several occasions for having consistently maintained the traditional sound of the Ayacucho violin throughout this career.

Besides writing many compositions for the violin where he stays true to his own tradition, he has released the album titled "Máximo Damián. El violín de Ishua" (1992) and has been featured in the documentary film "Kachkaniraqmi (2013).

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