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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Harps and violins in the Andes

As stated in the reviews section, the number of albums by Andean harpists and violinists is pretty limited. The following are three examples of celebrated artists' recordings released over the past ten years.

Otoniel Ccayanchira Pariamanco - Arpa andina – Vol. 2 | Daniel Zamalloa - Llaqtaypa violincha | Mauro Flores - Arpas sin fronteras

Otoniel Ccayanchira Pariamanco - Arpa andina – Vol. 2


Otoniel Ccayanchira Pariamanco
Arpa andina – Vol. 2

1. Negra del alma – 2. Marqay hunta rosas – 3. Amor, amor – 4. Carnavales tonto – 5. Chilcas cabildupi – 6. Putka mayu – 7. Solo he salido – 8. Toril – 9. Huérfano pajarillo – 10. ¡Ay, guindalo! – 11. El silencio – 12. Umpa rosas – 13. Mawka zapato – 14. Chankil mayu – 15. La flor de la chirimoya – 16. En tu campo hermoso

Native of Chungui (province of La Mar, department of Ayacucho, Peru), Ccayanchira (nicknamed "Kuyay Maki") is a rural harpist who has made great efforts to retain the traditional character and sound of the indigenous harp. He has a number of recordings to his credit. His son Otoniel Ccayanchira Domínguez, with whom he is often mistakenly identified, has become a regular collaborator at his live-concerts.

"Arpa andina" includes several huaynos from the central-southern Peruvian Sierra (mostly from the department of Ayacucho), a carnaval ("Carnavales tonto"), a chipticha ("Chilcas cabildupi"), a toril, a llaqtamaqta ("¡Ay, guindalo!"), a yaraví ("El silencio") and a pasacalle ("En un campo hermoso"). The chipticha is a music style original from Chilcas (province of La Mar, Ayacucho), while the llaqtamaqta is a traditional dance very popular in Chungui, Ccayanchira's home village.

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Daniel Zamalloa - Llaqtaypa violincha


Daniel Zamalloa
Llaqtaypa violincha

1. Para ti Lima huayta – 2. El oro no vale nada – 3. Rucu huanuy - 4. Pijuayo – 5. Contradanza – 6. Serrana vieja – 7. Historia de las sarahuas – 8. Jilguerito – 9. Palomita, ¿adónde vas? – 10. Solteracha – 11. Paso de los negrillos – 12. Alba tayta Esteban – 13. Pobre compadre – 14. Pumpampa – 15. Casarakuy – 16. Devoto machashca – 17. La cocinera – 18. Sika Sika saranakamaste

Daniel Zamalloa was born in Cusco (Peru), where he began to play the violin at the age of seven with Eliseo Yare. He has appeared in recordings with Mochi Parra, Lichi Fuentes, Chaskinakuy, Inkuyo and Homero Oyarce, and has been the musical director of the bands De Rompe y Raja, PeruCanto and Garúa. He has performed with the guitarist Carlos Hayre, the Peruvian cajón virtuoso Mangüé Vásquez, the zapateador (foot-stamping dancer) Lalo Izquierdo and Cuarteto Equinoxio. For the past three decades he has been an active artist within the Latin American community of San Francisco (USA) where he lives. He is a talented violin, guitar and mandolin player as well as a prolific composer.

"Llaqtaypa violincha" (in Quechua, "my village's little violin") shows different local sonorities and playing styles of the Peruvian violin, through a series of traditional musical pieces from 16 departments. The recording (which is accompanied by a booklet giving an introduction to the styles) encompasses such diverse music genres as the dance of sarahuas (Piura), cajada (San Martín), tonada (Loreto), chimayche (Ancash), santiago (Junín), canción de palla (Huánuco), contradanza (Lima), serranita (Ica), carnaval (Huancavelica), tonada de alba (Ayacucho), baile de negrillos (Apurímac), yaraví (Arequipa), k'ajelo (Puno), and huaynos from Cajamarca, Pasco and Cusco.

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Mauro Flores - Arpas sin fronteras


Mauro Flores
Arpas sin fronteras

1. El cóndor pasa – 2. La flor de la canela – 3. Sombras – 4. La huancachina – 5. Balada para Adelina – 6. Yo vendo unos ojos negros – 7. Huandoy – 8. Fina estampa – 9. El chukikuj – 10. La Candelaria – 11. Chiclayanita – 12. Alma kolla – 13. Ansiedad – 14. Uquía tikacha – 15. Nada soy – 16. Caballo viejo – 17. Arpaschallay

Nicknamed "Qori Maquis" (from Quechua quri maki, "gold hands"), Mauro Flores is a Peruvian harpist with many international concerts to his credit. This album consists of both tunes from the Andean and Peruvian criollo folk tradition, and hits from the Latin American and European charts (i.e. "Balada para Adelina").

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