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Founded in 1982. the group Kullawas brought together several Chilean artists based in France. From 2005 and up to present day, the baton was passed to a French-Argentinean quartet consisting of Bruno Morel, Enrique Reinoso, Nicolás Pujol and Denis Roudet.

Kullawas revives and updates the 1970s' European playing-style used in Latin American music while still keeping its original roots. In addition to traditional and indigenous Andean music, the band also performs Peruvian criollo music, Nueva Canción (movement and genre first appeared in Chile during the 1960s as "The Chilean New Song" that renewed traditional Latin American folk music and transformed the political and cultural fabric of those societies) and neo-folk.

Official website [fr].

Video 01. "Comarapeñita", by Kullawas.
Video 02. "Sueño infinito", by Kullawas.
Video 03. "Phuru runas", by Kullawas.
Video 04. "Ojos de septiembre", by Kullawas.
Video 05. "Chofercito", by Kullawas.

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