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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

"Modern" chaya

Modern chaya

The "modern" chaya is an adaptation of the traditional chaya of La Rioja (which is in turn a variant of the vidala played at Carnival) made by different Argentine composers and folklorists. Instead of being accompanied by cajas and, occasionally, by a guitar, this version is accompanied by guitars and several other (charangos, bass guitars, quenas, keyboards, drum set, etc.) adjusting the melody to match a rhythm sometimes similar to that of the northern cueca, and at other times similar to that of the bailecito, or the chacarera.

Video 01. "Morada copla de ausencia", by Natalia Barrionuevo.
Video 02. "Selección de chayas", by Natalia Barrionuevo.
Video 03. "Chaya riojana", by Sergio Galleguillo.
Video 04. "Peón viñador", by Grupo Vocal Norte.
Video 05. Chaya rhythm on the bombo.

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