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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Andean music outside the Andes

The works listed below include (more or less) recent albums by bands who have already gained popularity.

Pachamama (y Orthodox Celts) - Muzičke paralele | Inka Marka - Shaman | Kirkincho sp. - P'istan wip'alanaka

Pachamama (y Orthodox Celts) - Muzičke paralele


Pachamama (y Orthodox Celts)
Muzičke paralele

1. Vírgenes del sol – 2. Tinku – 3. Phuru runas – 4. Cunumicita – 5. Chilli – 6. El cóndor pasa – 7. Mrs. McGrath (OC) – 8. Star of the county down (OC) – 9. Shetland reel (OC) – 10. Marrie's wedding (OC) – 11. Waxie's dargle / Big strong man (OC) – 12. Waltzing Matilda (OC) – 13. Medley (OC) – 14. Campanitas de Punyaro – 15. The strayaway child – 16. Valicha – 17. My little boat – 18. Pandilla puneña

"Muzičke paralele" (in Serbian, "musical parallels") is a live recording (self-edited cassette) of a concert by two Serbian bands (Orthodox Celts, celtic folk, and Pachamama, Andean music) at the Novi Sad Synagogue (Serbia) on September 14, 1995. The first six tracks are credited to Pachamama, the following seven to Orthodox Celts, and the rest are played by both bands together. Pachamama was a trio comprising Vladimir Lazić (guitar, vocals), Stanislav Stanojević (charango, panpipes) and Snežana Stanojević (flutes, panpipes).

Their execution of Andean folk tunes is fine, but they are really good playing Celtic songs with Andean instruments ("The strayaway child" and "My little boat").

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Inka Marka - Shaman


Inka Marka

1. Phuru runas – 2. La colegiala – 3. Aquarela do Brazil – 4. Humahuaqueño – 5. Kullakita – 6. Llorando se fue – 7. Señores de Potosí – 8. Loy loy loy – 9. Moliendo café – 10. Señora chichera – 11. Copla de morenada – 12. Bésame mucho - Quizás

Inka Marka (in Quechua, "Inca village") was founded by José Díaz Rodríguez in 1997 in Melbourne (Australia), and the original line-up brought together several South American immigrants (from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia...). The band is currently a quintet, which has gained popularity by performing Latin American rhythms and melodies in a joyful and lively style.

They have released (among others) "Jatarishunchi mashicuna" (1994), "Entre los amigos" (1997), "Kusi kuna" (1997), "Auki auki" (1999), "Valle de la luna" (2001), "Wiracocha" (2002) and "Misa criolla" (2004). "Shaman" is their most recently release: a selection of classics from the history of the Latin American popular music and a wide variety of rhythms (huayno, cumbia, bossa nova, saya, tinku, morenada, bolero...) played with the joy of the well and honestly done work.

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Kirkincho sp. - P'istan wip'alanaka


Kirkincho sp.
P'istan wip'alanaka

1. Mi raza – 2. Siquyas – 3. Agüita de P'utina – 4. Tradicional – 5. Ojito de agua – 6. Ruwin Huta – 7. Mixtura provincial – 8. La venada – 9. Puka punchukuna / Mi mala suerte – 10. El pasito del moreno – 11. Munasqay – 12. Diana – 13. Peguche kapilla – 14. Pariwanaquchapi llamayuqkuna – 15. Saqsaywaman – 16. Saltaspa – 17. Hiwasay – 18. Hula hula – 19. Uncia pampata – 20. Ayarachi – 21. P'istan wip'alanaka

Kirkincho sp. (from kirkincho, Quechua name for armadillo, and "sp.", the abbreviation for a single species; "sp." is used in combination with a genus name when referring to a plant whose specific identity has not yet been determined) appeared in Moscow (Russia) in 1997. The band's current line-up includes Anatóliy Yeliséyev, Marina Arsénieva and Sergey Ponimatkin. They play on indigenous Andean instruments (with the exception of the guitar, the mandolin and the violin) keeping alive traditional playing styles and tunes.

In 2002 they launched "Ch'uspamanta" and two years later, "Inti raymi musquwpi – Fiesta del sol en Moscú" (2002) alongside the Russian band Tuntuna/Wayra. Their last recording, "P'istan wip'alanaka" (in Aymara, "festive flags"), includes traditional tunes of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador presented with simplicity and good taste, in line with other small Andean ensembles based in Europe.

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