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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Traditional chaya

Traditional chaya

The traditional "chaya" is a variant of the vidala, played in the province of La Rioja (north-western Argentina) during the Chaya, this province's famous "Carnival", after whose name the rhythm is known.

Played in a 6/8 signature, the chaya of La Rioja is faster and livelier than the vidala, probably reflecting its joyful and festive spirit of carnival. Also the themes of this music are cheery and celebratory. It shares a common feature with the rest of Argentine traditional vidalas: it is played accompanied only by cajas, though occasionally a guitar can be added on.

Article. "Algunas consideraciones sobre estilo en ritmos de la música popular argentina". By Eduardo Ferraudi [es].

Video 01. Several coplas and vidalas, including the chaya of La Rioja, at the Cosquin Folk music Festival 2014 (Cordoba, Argentina).
Video 02. Chayas and vidalas, La Rioja, 2012 (low quality).

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