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Alborada (Peru)

Alborada (Peru)

In 1984, Sixto "Sixtucha" Ayvar Alfaro founded the group Alborada in the district of La Convención, located in Cusco (Peru). A native of Ocobamba (province of Chincheros, department of Apurímac), his homeland's music and Quechua language had a strong influence and left a mark in his work and the group's projects. In 1990 Ayvar moved to Germany, where he would later be joined by the other members of the group, and where Alborada began experimenting, looking for a style of their own, blending Andean music tradition with the most popular styles in Europe at the time (techno, dance, pop, rock, new age, meditation music,...). The band underwent several line-up changes in those formative years, evolving with each new member and contributor. Over the years, Alborada has developed a very eclectic style, which they have become famed for, combining "tropical" rhythms and European ballads (sometimes sang in English), the music of the North America indigenous peoples (since 2002), sounds of Asia (since 2005) and a stage production featuring "pre-Hispanic" costumes, musical, theatrical and dance and performance. According to the band's members, they look to bridge the gap between cultures while building on the past to move into the future.

Their works include "Encuentros" (1992), "Dedicado" (1994), "Transfusión" (1995), "Astrovisión" (1996), "Tropical" (1997), "Melodías del corazón I" (1998), "Melodías del corazón II" (2000), "Melodías inolvidables" (2001), "Meditation" (2002), "Five spirits" (2003), "Los chankas viven" (2004), "Instrumental" (2005), "Caminos al sol" (2005), "Melodías navideñas" (2005), "Anquayllu" (2006), "Sunqunchikpy Otavalo" (2006), "Pacha achikyaq" (2007) and "Pachacutec Qoscollacta" (2011), along with several live albums and collections. Sixto Ayvar, for his part, has released a few albums as a solo artist.

The band's current line-up consists of Sixto and Wilber Ayvar (Peru), Lenin de la Torre (Ecuador) and Víctor Valle (Argentina), and they are joined by numerous artists in live shows.

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Video 01. "Ananau" by Alborada.
Video 02. CD "Dedicado" [complete album], by Alborada.
Video 03. CD "Transfusión" [selection of tracks], by Alborada.
Video 04. CD "Tropical" [complete album], by Alborada.
Video 05. "Let it be", by Alborada.
Video 06. CD "Meditation" [selection of tracks], by Alborada.
Video 07. CD "Los chankas viven" [complete album], by Alborada.
Video 08. CD "Instrumental" [complete album], by Alborada.
Video 09. CD "Caminos al sol" [complete album], by Alborada.
Video 10. CD "Melodías navideñas" [complete album], by Alborada.
Video 11. CD "Anquayllu" [complete album], by Alborada.
Video 12. CD "Sunqunchikpy Otavalo" [complete album], by Alborada.
Video 13. CD "Pacha achikyaq" [complete album], by Alborada.

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