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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza


(Sixto Ayvar)


Alborada (Peru) was created in 1984 in Ocobamba (department of Apurímac, Peru). After moving to Germany, the band began to blend a mixture of traditional Andean music with styles that were popular in Europe at the time: techno, dance, pop, rock, new age, meditation music... This way they made their own style, an eclectic mix sprinkled with "tropical" rhythms, native Americans' music (since 2002), sounds from Orient (since 2005) and a bizarre mise en scène where "pre-Hispanic" costumes stand out.

The song "Ananau" (Quechua interjection used to denote pain), sang in Ayacucho Quechua (or chanka Quechua), was included in the album "Five Spirits" (2003), which has become one of the band's most popular ones.

Ananau, ananau
nispa niwachkanki,
ñoqallapiñam chay ñawiyki.
Ananau, ananau
nispa niwachkanki,
"wiñaypaqchum ñoqa qawasqaiky?"
May runallam kakuchkanki
kaykunallapi waqanaypaq?
Wañuptiqa ñakawanki;
manam munanichu chay pasayta.

[What a pain, what a pain!
what you are telling me
with those eyes of yours on me.
What a pain, what a pain!
what you are telling me:
"Will I be looking at you forever?"
Whom do you believe
I cry for in these lands?
When I die you'll suffer for me;
I don't want this to happen].

Video 01. "Ananau", by Alborada (Peru).

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