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    Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 19 (May.-Jun. 2014)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Andean fusions

Globalización, identidades y cultura andina
This article, written by the Peruvian anthropologist Vanessa Verástegui Ollé, explores contemporary musical fusions both in her homeland and in Peruvian immigrant communities outside. It describes the Andean and Amazonian traditional music including its variations and adaptations, and analyses the musical fusions between traditional styles and with contemporary urban genres such as pop, rock, cumbia and rap.

La fusión, una estrategia para innovar la música andina
A brief review of Ecuadorian Andean ensembles, including Samay and Sisay, which produce musical fusions appeared in El Comercio newspaper (Ecuador).

La orquesta de instrumentos andinos
A feature story by ANDES (Public News Agency of Ecuador and South America) about the Orquesta de Instrumentos Andinos (OIA, Andean Instruments Orchestra) of Quito, Ecuador, which performs classical music and classic arrangements of popular songs on traditional musical instruments (panpipes, quenas, rondadores, guitars, charangos, mandolins, harps).

Folclor/fusión. Los mil caminos de Damaris
A review of the artist Damaris Mallma Porras appeared in La República newspaper (Peru). The article focuses on her peculiar approach to folk music, blending traditional music of Peru (especially Andean music) with romantic ballad pop-rock.

Un grupo puneño mezcla música andina con rap
A review of the musical group Autoctonorap appeared in El Comercio newspaper (Peru). This band is made up of young musicians from the department of Puno (south of the country) who mix regional music and instruments with rap sang in Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.

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