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Andean fusions

This section includes recordings (not necessarily recent) by celebrated artists of the Andean music scene. Today, a good number of young bands in the Andes perform repertoires usually known in Spanish as "de proyección" ("projection" may be understood as something that extends outwards from something else; in this case the term refers to contemporary arrangements of traditional styles) or "fused/blended" (mostly with pop music and romantic ballad); therefore, their first albums turn out to be a great collection of samples (of varied quality) of traditional/contemporary music hybrids within the Andean music scene.

Humahuaca Trío - Humahuaca Trío | Punto Nazca - Quilla | Thalkave - A ese viejo sentimiento

Humahuaca Trío - Humahuaca Trío


Humahuaca Trío
Humahuaca Trío

1. No huay – 2.Papacho Quispe – 3. Humahuaca de pasada – 4. El inkapaz – 5. Qué te pasa, culiau – 6. Eclipsida – 7. Dicen que indios ya no hay más – 8. Don Condorí – 9. El bailecito del zorro – 10. Del Norte potosino – 11. Samba de mi esperanza

The Argentinean band Humahuaca Trío has been a boost to Argentina's "Andean" scene. Formed in 2002, the band's proposal is to mix traditional sounds with many different contemporary styles (pop, ska, reggae, tropical, jazz, bossa, rock...). Their lyrics are usually grounded in reality and deal with the surrounding economic, socio-cultural environment in the Altiplano (Argentinean high plain), a fact that has upset some critics who have branded them as being harsh and irreverent.

Their first work, "Humahuaca Trío", features a great selection of styles and themes and set the trend for the next album they would record, "Originario" (2012).

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Punto Nazca - Quilla


Punto Nazca

1. Kyrie Misa Boliviana – 2. Para tu llegada – 3. Coplas americanas – 4. El wayruro – 5. Quilla – 6. Roncal – 7. Linda boliviana – 8. Dulce esperanza – 9. Churay chula – 10. El aguacate – 11. Sentir lo mismo – 12. Tras la huella – Khonlaya – 13. Urpi – 14. La comparsa

Appeared in 1996, Punto Nazca brought together the Bolivian musicians Eddy Lima (quena or notched flute), Marco Peña (guitar) and Saúl Callejas (charango). The band's career has seen its members change and its activity slowed at some point, the music remains an eclectic blend of Bolivian folk and contemporary styles.

Their discography includes "Waritay" (1996), "Infinitos del alma" (2001), "Acústico" (2002) and "Niño aymara" (2003). Their fifth and last album, "Quilla", features newly arranged versions of traditional songs, some of them with Latin jazz touches, others with a kind of ballad ("Para tu llegada", "Dulce esperanza", "Urpi") or rumba ("La comparsa") approach, and all of them performed in an urban, modern style.

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A ese viejo sentimiento

1. Shumaq warmi – 2. Esperanza – 3. Como podré yo olvidarte – 4. Respiro tu nombre – 5. Sé – 6. Dame una razón – 7. Mi corazón – 8. Señal de nuestro destino – 9. Eres mi cielo – 10. Hablar de amor – 11. Saya al primer amor – 12. Nuestro error – 13. Una flor en el campo

Thalkave is a band from Huaraz (Ancash, Peru) created in August 1996 by Juan Carlos Medina and Wilfredo Ruiz. Since its inception, the band has combined Andean music with arrangements of traditional folk songs, to create with their own particular fusion style.

In 1998 the band released its first album, "Vamos", which was followed, after a line-up change, by "Sombras" (2003) and its latest album to date, "A ese viejo sentimiento". As suggested by its title (literally, "to this old feeling"), the album includes romantic songs performed in styles ranging from ballad ("Shumaq warmi", "Esperanza", "Mi corazón") to pop ("Cómo podré yo olvidarte", "Eres mi cielo"), some of which retain a strong Andean flavour ("Dame una razón").

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