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Manuel Miranda

Manuel Miranda

Known by the press as "El Señor de los Vientos" ["The Lord of the Winds"], Miranda is a Peruvian composer and multi-instrument musician, who plays the saxophone, the traverse flute and an astounding variety of archaeological and ethnographic Andean aerophones.

Born in Lima, Miranda started his musical studies at the National Conservatory, graduating as a flute player in 1985. He played as flute soloist in the National Symphony Orchestra while, at the same time, he developed a general interest in his country's traditional music (and a particular one in pre-Columbian wind instruments), and in whether and how it might be combined with jazz and rock. Between 1986 and 1997 he lived in Argentina, where he collaborated with the famous pianist and composer Lito Vitale, and was involved in a set of ten albums with Lito Vitale Quartet, including "La senda infinita", "Historias de la Cruz del Sur" and "Más allá del mar". In addition, Miranda has performed in the bands accompanying such artists as Laura Avellaneda, David Lebón, Marcelo Torres, Silvina Garré and many others.

His solo albums include "Asociación libre" (1997), "Tinku" (2002), "Brujos voladores" (2008) and his latest work to date, "Horizontes, escenas y paisajes" (2013). Miranda has played with great success in stages worldwide, collaborated with numerous bands and composed music for theatre, dance and film. In 1998 he went back to live in Peru, where he works as a teacher and lecturer, and continues playing with his Sextet his blend of jazz and folk on traditional Andean instruments.

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Video 01. "Desde la montaña", by Manuel Miranda.
Video 02. "De adobe", by Manuel Miranda.
Video 03. "Los amautas", by Manuel Miranda.
Video 04. "Brujos voladores", by Manuel Miranda.
Video 05. "Latinoamericana", by Manuel Miranda.

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