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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza
Escuela de flautas y tambores

Omar Romero Garay; Alexander Ascanio Rincón; Carlos Pinera Parra
Escuela de flautas y tambores. Músicas andinas del suroccidente colombiano
(Bogotá: Ministerio de Cultura, 2011)
Illustr. – 80 pp. + CD + DVD

"Escuela de flautas y tambores" ["School of flutes and drums"] is a textbook for teachers and musicians, which is accompanied by audiovisual materials (CD and DVD) and two supplemental leaflets (photographs and descriptions). Published by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, it is part of the collection "Cartillas de iniciación para músicas tradicionales de Colombia" ["Introductory textbooks of the traditional music of Colombia"], which includes similar documents devoted to the different musical repertoires of traditional music originating from Colombia (e.g. music of the plains, or music of the Pacific).

The book is a guide to teach the Andean chirimía (flutes and drums music), which includes the different variants of this musical and cultural expression that can be found in the departments of Cauca, Nariño and Caldas, and in the southern half of the Colombia's Andean cordillera. The book is written in a simple and clear language, covering the history, distribution and structure of the bands of flutes and drums, how each instrument is played, their musical repertoire (with scores and audio tracks) and even how to make a PVC flute.

Its authors are members of the Banda de Flautas Chicha y Guarapo (Band of Flutes Chicha and Guarapo), and for a number of years they carried out a careful research into the subject (including data collection, documentation and analysis) as well as a teaching project, working hand in hand with rural communities.

Download of the textbook and supplemental materials [].

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