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    Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 20 (Jul.-Aug. 2014)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Pífanos and chirimías

Escuela de flautas y tambores
A documentary resource published by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, which can be partially accessed through its webpage. This page shows a selection of the original work (the textbook, a video, two scores and over a hundred audio tracks). It offers useful information to approach the bands of flutes and drums (chirimías) scattered all over the southern Andes of Colombia.

Expresiones sonoras y musicales de pueblos indígenas de Colombia - Nasa
A section within the official website of the National Library of Colombia, which brings together the country's musical practices. This particular sub-section is devoted to the musical culture of the Nasa or Páez people (Cauca department and surrounding area, Colombia's southern Andes), well-known for their bands of transverse bamboo flutes kuv'.

Chirimías de Riosucio
An essay written by Carlos A. Villada Cortés about the chirimías (bands consisting of flutes and drums) played in the indigenous reserve of Lomaprieta (village of Riosucio, department of Caldas, Colombia's central Andes). This document can be accessed through the website of the Technological University of Pereira (department of Risaralda, Colombia).

¡Así Kotama! The Flutes of Otavalo, Ecuador
A review of the album "¡Así Kotama!", published in the website of Smithsonian Folkways, the label responsible for the project. This work features an interesting cultural expression: the music of gaitas (transverse bamboo flutes) from the region of Otavalo (Imbabura province Ecuadorian Andes). For the recording, the flutes were blown by the members of the Hatun Kotama Cultural Center, who played a traditional repertoire sung Kichwa or Quechua language. In its website, Smithsonian Folkways welcomes visitors to listen to fragments of the 36 tracks included on the CD album.

Notas sobre un aerófono indígena tocado solo por mujeres
An article written by Juan Javier Rivera Andía under the title "Un enigma etnográfico en los Andes septentrionales del Perú. Notas sobre un aerófono indígena tocado solo por mujeres" ["An ethnographic enigma in the northern Andes of Peru. Notes about an indigenous aerophone played only by women"], which was published in Indiana (Ibero-Amerikanischer Institut, Berlín, Alemania), 29, pp. 253-272. The text focuses on a transverse flute from the department of Lambayeque, the kinran pinkullu, one of the few aerophones in the Andean world to be played by women only.

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